Why AOK?

Why AOK Recruitment?

“Acts of Kindness” and paying it forward are core to our values. Nothing is better than:

  • Hearing a candidate’s happiness when they are offered their dream job in a company and industry which they are passionate about.
  • When a client is so pleased with the service they use AOK Recruitment again and again.
  • Checking in with both the candidate & client after starting in the job to hear that both sides are extremely happy.

AOK Recruitment is an independent boutique agency providing a professional service with a personal touch. Communication and building long term partnerships with both clients and candidates is of paramount importance to us. Whether working with a large media corporation or small company, we aim to form a close working relationship where communication channels are always open.

We focus on:

  • Spending the time to understand a company’s culture. It’s not just about someone’s skillset but about an overall fit – they need to add value to your company and team.
  • Spending the time with candidates to understand their passions, drive and motivation, so that when an offer is accepted and they have started, we know it’s the right move and they are happy.
  • Making sure you (the client), the team they’ll be joining, friends and family are all happy. It is a domino effect and how we feel affects everyone in our lives.

AOK Recruitment comes with extensive industry experience, knowledge and expertise and we are passionate about what we do. It is wonderful to be part of the journey:

  • Someone starting out in their career to hearing they received a promotion
  • Increasing a team in a business
  • Having a candidate become a client or vice versa.

It would be fantastic to call you a client or a candidate so please get in touch and we look forward to hearing from you – contact here